Ubuntu 14.04 with CUDA 6.0 for GPU machine learning

Canonical’s recent Ubuntu LTS came out last week, and although it has some known bugs, that hasn’t stopped you and I from early adoption!  Here we will talk about how to get the most recent Nvidia drivers working with your Ubuntu.  Our lab is using a Nvidia GTX Titan Black, but this walkthrough should work for any similar setups.

Mostly I’m writing this blog post because there are a few recent blog posts in other places that do not work, and will give you the dreaded black screen with blinking cursor after the GRUB menu.  More importantly, Nvidia does not officially support CUDA 6.0 for Ubuntu 14.04 (as of early July 2014 as well), so we need to be careful about which linux kernel and compilation toolchain we use.

Let’s get started!

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